She’s gone. I’ve been separated from Inifra before, but it never felt like this. When I first met her I was stunned by her presence, the sheer power she carried combined with her beauty, her strength. Inifra is not like other women I’ve known; she’s not like anyone I’ve ever met.

I was infatuated. Looking back through my journal entries about her now, it’s embarrassing how I was acting. I can blame grief, confusion, lust; there were a combination of things that influenced my reactions but, regardless of whatever won, I sound like an idiot in those pages.

What I had yet to see was her compassion, her love for her people, and her willingness to reach out to those she didn’t understand to ensure they were cared for. She loved Dionus when everyone around us rejected him. She threw caution for her very life to the wind when her people were threatened above Hamada. When I nearly died.


Inifra is kind. It’s one of the faces she didn’t show us for months. It is one of her defining features now in my mind’s eye.

And now she is gone.


I need to separate my thoughts from her in any case. I don’t know that I believe in this curse, that my feelings for her could lead to her premature death. I would rather not take the chance.

There is a task ahead of us which demands focus. I am to start training on the ropes tomorrow and I need my mind to be collected if I am to undertake these arboreal acrobatics.

I wish Timber was here to practice. It would take my mind off things. Perhaps Dionus would like to learn something new.

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