Relequic monsters, something I haven’t even thought much about until today. The treeborn asked after Woads as we took a break from the ropes course they have constructed; where the monsters came from and why they should appear in the jungle where they had never before been seen.


The surprising thing, I told them, is that Woads are all we have seen. If there is a Demon on the verge of ascending, all of the texts and histories indicate that far worse things will arise in preparation; monsters of a wide variety, whose like are often only seen once and never again. Thus Woads are to be expected, as they appear first in any spike of Demonic power, but after that there is never any certainty as to what will follow nor in what form.

The monsters we know about were all mutations of pre-existing creatures, the most fearsome of which were bred with some lineage of mankind and carry a higher intelligence for it. Ancient monsters we all know of include the dragons and griffons of ancient times. It’s believed that those were bred from Titans that the Relequim was able to capture and abuse to his purposes. Other names that have been handed down include Parnithons and Granhal – something I can honestly say I hope I never see with my own eyes.

Some monsters are believed exterminated, while many hold that each breed lies dormant between Demons to keep that from happening. They feed off a magic we only see in the heights of Daedric society and Demonic Ascension – so Woads are always taken as a sign of just such dangers. They are also attuned to the magic of the Ancients in that they hunger for it, they hunt those who use it, and ours is akin enough to that for them to hunt us in kind.

Woads, I told them, are the least of our worries. Dionus thought I should hold off a bit, but I don’t believe in deceiving people about the dangers into which they must walk willingly.

Whatever comes for us, I told them, it would be something which we had never imagined possible. Whatever strikes will be unforeseen. If there are monsters in this jungle beyond the Daedra and their Woads, it will come at us sideways and leave us in tatters if we drop our guard.


Stay sharp, I told them. There is no rest until this job is done.

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