The trees hold such power in this place – they are the great underutilized tool of the Nanten. The people here can’t make much of them, for their wood is too hard and their bark too rough. They stand in the way of any linear path and prevent great amounts of sunlight from ever reaching the jungle floor. To the outsider, to someone like myself, they appear awesome detriments to the livelihood of those living here. Now I see them as the Batsu see them.

The trees of the Nanten are the highway for which I longed. They are the impediment to any enemy. They are the finest method of warfare available to us.


Not only do the trees break up the movement of any army by their very nature, but their sheer size and apparent inscalability makes them psychological barriers as well. In the Nanten, no one looks up.

This is where the Batsu derive such great strength, for they can pass overhead unseen and appear where they wish among their enemy. Three entire volleys can be loosed from the trees before the first ever strikes, and by the time the third has landed the Batsu treeborn can be gone. This is guerilla warfare at its finest. Hit and move and hit again.

I understand why we are given the task of sewing chaos among the Daedric ranks. If only Nianatara hadn’t wasted the majority of this force, we would be able to do an immense amount of damage.

As it stands, we will have to settle for what we can accomplish with what’s left.

I finally swung in the tops of the trees today. Watching the world whir beneath me was dizzying – I almost let it overcome me on my first go and barely caught another branch. I would have thrown up if I hadn’t been so busy ensuring I didn’t fall to my death.


The emergency rope, I’m told, is on an exceptionally tight spring that can launch it straight into the side of a tree. It doesn’t dislodge on its own, at least not intentionally, so using it leaves one stuck to the face of the tree until it can be pried free. I was also told that it glances off the trees as often as it punches home, so that was as comforting.

In any case, it’s good to know I have it in case tomorrow’s exercise goes more poorly. Dionus was hard-pressed not to use the winds to aid him as he moved. Privately, it’s satisfying to see him struggling as hard at this as I am, but it’s equally satisfying to see the Batsu treeborn stunned at how quickly we’re managing. We’ll master this, and then we’ll rain torture down upon the Daedric force.

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