My arms are on fire. The training grounds were tough, but there is unlimited possibility within the trees themselves. We took a path that the treeborn told me made a ten mile loop back to our camp. We did it in so little time that the only source of belief for the distance came from how badly my body hurt.

The combination of running and swinging makes for an incredible mode of transportation. There are long stints of running that can be completed from branch to branch. Of course most of this carries us down in the canopy, but the Batsu’s harnesses have it in them to bring us steadily back up towards the tops if used correctly.

Thus any stint of running must be counteracted by twice the amount of swinging, which leaves one’s core and arms afire and begging for just the smallest stretch on foot. Gods it’s exhilarating. I feel like I can fly.

I’ve been practicing with one of their short bows as well, pulling and releasing over and over to ensure that my back has the endurance it needs for when the time comes. I can barely move once I have lain down and I feel amazing for it.


Wudan has picked all of this up as if he were born to it. He outshines Dionus and I at every turn, swinging through the trees as if he invented the concept. Even the Batsu marvel at him. He moves among us as if the very action were an afterthought. I had to tell him to stop asking me questions as we swung today – some of us still have to focus.

It struck me as strange that the Batsu would use such small bows, but then mobility is key and gravity does half of the work for them when they fire. What a cruel form of warfare. I can’t wait to unleash it on the Darkness.

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