We were attacked by the monster at last, and in fleeing we ran straight into more trouble.

We have spent the last twenty-four hours running for our lives without stopping. Dionus can barely walk on his own, so we must take turns supporting him as we move. Balthandar has had to carry him more than once.

We are exhausted.


The only reason we have stopped is because we physically cannot go any further today. Dionus was struck with a dart of some sort. The color of the feathers looked similar to pondsweed, a poisonous flower that Bantish had shown us.

I applied the antidote he had taught us as soon as we found a halix plant, but it was too late to stave off the worst of the symptoms. Dionus will live, but only if we save ourselves.


I must sleep. I only expect to get a couple of hours, maybe three if I am lucky. The others are all asleep already, too tired to bother setting watch. We need to start moving again as quickly as possible, but I wanted to make note of the poison. We must review all we were taught as soon as we have time to do so.

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