We caught a small squadron of Daedra crossing the river this morning before dawn. Four canoes. They had a lot of ropes and little in the way of other supplies. We killed them all before they made the bank, though they got close. Thankfully I’d roused the treeborn for an early foray, wanting to push my skills in the darkness as much as anything. I will say that tossing the ropes of my harness out into trees I can barely see makes for an even more frightening form of transportation than during the day.


Who knows how many others have made it across the river in the days that passed since our arrival? It’s impossible to know. We’ll continue to sweep, though we are limited to crossing in the east.  We were unable to find enough canoes to cross the western stretch of the Nanten River.


I’d like to get back to Salisir in the north. It seems the best course of action there would be to finish destroying the bridge and then move around Matasten to join the Sondu. I only wonder if having Fodafa, Nianatara, and Oroun in the same camp will cause enough trouble to undo the good of unifying their forces.

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