We caught a scouting party east of the Sondu and left them in a perforated stillness. There was another group at the docks on the eastern river loading supplies onto a barge. We burned it from above.


I absolutely love these Batsu treeborn. Deadly little demons in the canopy. We laugh a lot together now when we’re in camp, though the language barriers continue to prevent discussions at great length. It doesn’t matter. We’ve lost friends together, fought together, and we’ve quickly learned to trust each other.

We’ll make for the Yatusu camp in the morning. We haven’t seen them yet, but my hope is that they’ll have already decided to circumvent Matasten and join with the Sondu. I get the feeling that if they don’t do so soon, Fodafa is likely to lead his army into the city and the disaster that awaits, all by himself. Perhaps that is exactly what we need to get the Daedra into a fight, but I’d rather we had some Nantese left to inhabit this place when the war is over.

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