The Sondu suffered the strangest blow in our absence. Yesterday their western flank came into contact with a massive contingent of Daedra. We only found out about it this evening.


We helped the Yatusu secure the southern bank in the early hours of the morning, only meeting scattered resistance as they shifted their numbers across the water, then took off through the trees for the Sondu army. Fodafa captured the village at the bridge a few days ago. His engineers have begun building rafts of their own to cross on either side when they make their assault.

Their position is secure, and they were able to keep from suffering any large number of casualties in the process of taking the town. What surprised them was a large party that came up from the west and crossed the river yesterday morning. Their patrols were only able to give them a small window of warning before their western flank collided with a thousand Daedric troops.

They were explosive, pressing north with no regard for Fodafa’s soldiers until they hit the water and crossed on low barges that had been sunk in the muddy southern bank. They had something with them unlike anything Fodafa’s men had ever seen. A monster, they claimed, though many said it was held in captivity. It wasn’t the same disjointed black madness we have already encountered, though their descriptions made it difficult to know for sure. Gray or dark blue, some said it looked like a walking tree, others like a giant lizard.

I wish I’d seen it myself. In any case, the Daedra were able to get it across the river, even with the casualties they suffered. It’s the biggest activity we’ve seen among them yet. The banks of the river remain relatively calm, their scouts subdued. The far bank is quiet, eerily so. It gives a sense that Matasten is abandoned. I’ve already heard Fodafa’s generals discussing an assault – it feels like a trap.

Needless to say, they’ve set their scouts to dredging the shores of the river for any more hidden barges. They’ve found three which they intend to repurpose for their own crossing. Dionus and I went down to investigate and sniff around a bit, just to ensure there aren’t any enchantments or other traps in wait. It wouldn’t surprise me to see the Daedra lead Fodafa to their barges only to leave them rigged and ready to sink in the crossing.

We’ll scour the western reaches tomorrow and see if we can’t come up with anything else for them.

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