We’ve received word: We enter Matasten tonight. The envelope I’ve carried close all this time contains more than just names, but a detailed map of Matasten marked with two locations where we might find the spymaster who will take us the rest of the way.

I’ve broken the treeborn into three units. Two of them will be set to maintaining the perimeters of the conjoined armies, while the third and smaller unit will accompany Dionus and I into Matasten. There are only three I will take with me, entrusting them to get us into the city and past any obstacles we cannot overcome ourselves. Translation will be key among their services.

Entry-363-Quote-enter matasten and covertly-part-ways

It is a fresh sorrow to part ways with them, but we cannot take so many with us covertly. The three who are to guide us are by far the most capable, which is saying something when surrounded by men and women such as the Batsu treeborn elite.

Wudan is coming with us. He is eager, ready to bring himself into the fight. Inifra and Timber joined Fodafa’s camp tonight and the temptation is to take them with us. But we must keep them separate. If all goes to plan, their fight will take place at the river – precisely where Inifra will be most effective. We have two days to get into position, then the chaos of war will render all plans moot.

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