We have been forced to hide within a secret compartment in the floor of the house. Dionus never returned and rumors of magic users have apparently reached the ears of the Daedra. Our entrance was partially masked by whatever sacrifice they have prepared for themselves, but they finally sensed our presence. I hope it was not Dionus, but it’s possible Wudan has let himself slip.


And what of this new sacrifice for which the Daedra are preparing? Wudan and I both wondered if it was his brother, Wauloo. Perhaps his escape led to a fall from grace with his former master and, assuming he escaped the slaughter of the Daedra by the Yatusu, was brought back to be bled.

Wudan has hardened to his brother’s fate, whatever it was. There is grief there, punctuated by the shame of having a brother broken by the darkness, but there is also an acceptance that such things were beyond his control. Wisdom peeks through what cracks show in Wudan and they are quick to heal over.

The house has been searched twice. We can hear the fervor building outside as footfalls rush past by the hundred. If they’ve found Dionus, he could escape even by flying in desperation. But will that betray our entire plan? And what if they have some method for countering his power?

I wondered if we were sent here to die. The odds are looking good.

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