I have spent nearly a year and a half in exile under the false pretense of a mission to find Brin Salisir, a man I was destined to hate, and complete his mission should he have failed it. It was assumed he was dead. It was assumed I too would die. His exile was imposed under a guise as phony as my own, the punishment for crimes I came to realize I don’t fully understand.

Nor do I understand how such an exile was ever imposed upon him.

Whether the Daedra had taken root in the heart of the Nanten was a total mystery. That the theory was used as pretense to send us into exile speaks to the weight they gave the idea. Now there is a full-blown Society thriving here, on the verge of bringing about the very cataclysmic end that my order is sworn to prevent. To which my order has turned a blind eye.

Dionus, possibly the only friend left to me in the world from my life before, is lost somewhere in this city. Lost in a sea of Demonic worshipers who would take him the instant they found him and sacrifice him for the power they believe is carried in his blood. The spies that hide us now assure us he hasn’t been caught, but they do not know where he is.

We need to find him, both to keep him from being murdered but also if we are to carry out the assassination plot we have been entrusted to execute. We may only have another day before we are thrust into action. I was able to see the palace briefly from the roof of this place before we were forced into hiding. The compound is only a few blocks away at the end of a long parade ground. The palace is imposing, a broad collection of high colonnades and layered domes that soar over even the tallest structures nearby. The spires that surround it make it appear all the taller.

We will have to use our new skills of moving through the treetops if we are to make it there both quickly and undetected. The hope, of course, is that the swarm of Daedra between us and their Prince will be drawn into a battle on the southern end of the city. We need them to vacate this place. Dionus and I may be powerful, and Wudan may push us to ascendance, but we cannot contend with Daedra in the thousands.


We may not be able to contend with this Daedric Prince. When we saw him a few months back, he wore armor of impossible size. Not only could he carry the weight of it, whether or not he filled its nine-foot frame, he was also able to cast fire and walk through it unscathed. Even the most powerful fire expressionists succumb to their own flames. And now our spies tell us that he is convinced he is on the verge of summoning a Demon.

If he succeeds in that, we will be hard pressed to do anything about it. Demons aren’t something against which we will be strong enough to stand. Not so far from home and completely devoid of support. If a Demon rises in the Nanten, it will spell the certain end intended for me when my sentence was passed.

We wait now for our window to open. Then we strike, with or without my friend. I hope that Dionus is safe.

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