We may be lost. We don’t know how far north we ran, nor can we be certain if north is truly the direction we were headed.

We did our best to keep track of such things, but it becomes impossible to be completely certain after such exertion. We are slow-moving now, but we will keep as close to our original pace as we can. The only thing keeping us safe is distance.

Considering that we only had around a day’s march left to us, we could have passed the path in our haste. This is especially possible as the road itself may be overgrown, if not completely gone. However if we were still angled to the east, we may not yet have even reached the road.


So do we travel north? Or will that only lead us farther off our path?

Balthandar appears lost in the forest. Starlark seems to think we should angle towards the south but carry on east. I am most likely to follow his suggestion, as he is the most comfortable in the trees. Bolton has decided to contradict anything Starlark suggests, which makes openly following Starlark’s advice that much more difficult.

I won’t bow to Bolton’s temper, but I must accommodate it to some degree to maintain civility. It is frustrating that he would rediscover his stubbornness at this of all moments.

Dionus is a little more stable on his feet, but he says he aches from head to toe. I can see the poison in his eyes. He has difficulty focusing on anything before him. We will still need to guide him carefully as we move.


What I would give for my own bed tonight. What I would give to have one night in civilization and a good meal. A woman… I should stop this before I let myself dwell upon such things. It’s hard enough as it is when it hasn’t been said out loud or put in writing.


Tomorrow we will angle south, and hope that Bolton either doesn’t notice or forgets his antagonism for a day. I think I’ll put him in charge of Dionus to keep him busy.

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