The backlash was severe. We thought we could escape the battle long enough to recuperate. We were wrong.

Entry-370-Quote-escape-the-battle backlash

Whatever Wauloo’s power did to me, it left me unable to walk for over an hour and left me covered in a scar reminiscent of those one might expect on a full-fledged Render. Dionus suffered a few burns and went into shock before we were even dragged free of the parade grounds. Three hours later a thousand Daedric Followers returned to the grounds with a vengeance. They hunted us down by sense alone and set the building in which we hid on fire. And then the entire block for good measure.

We barely got out alive. I struggled to run and Dionus vomited every time we did. We found ourselves assailed shortly after. Wudan’s strength returned more quickly than ours, permitting Dionus to cut down the initial wave of attackers, but we needed to hide or extract ourselves.

The night turned into a long stumbling horror, struggling just to make it away from the palace grounds. We wanted to make the wall.

It didn’t matter. There were Daedra that intercepted us at every turn, and even though our allies within the city rallied to us in tandem, there was no easy victory to be found. Hundreds of local Nantese rose to fight nearby, but so many more stayed subdued in their homes.

They were a help in the end, giving Dionus and I enough space to quell our touch on the Atmosphere and lose the pursuit. We have holed up in another house and will try to rest for a few hours before going back out. We need to get out of this city, or Fodafa needs to take it.

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