I can’t find Inifra. I don’t know where else to look, but I can’t find her. She can’t be dead.

Entry-371-Quote-can't-find-Inifra resistance

The combined Yatusu and Sondu force took the bridge and then hammered down the gates of Matasten. They flooded over the river in an armada of canoes and barges, sweeping the jungle and taking the wall with utter decisiveness. It was the Mentalist box that drove the Daedra into their fury. It was the relic from Graylag that drew them to the walls.

Inifra lent her considerable strength to that fight until she felt the spike of power from Matasten. Until she knew we were fighting the Daedric Prince. She couldn’t let us do it on our own. That’s what Timber told us today. We’ve scoured the palace grounds looking for her.

One of the treeborn units found us late this afternoon and have taken it upon themselves to act as my bodyguard. There are rumors of murders rising in the ranks of the Nantese, attempts to strike out at those of us who lead.

There are still pockets of resistance that are being put down, and rumors that Oroun was killed in the fighting by one of these plots. I could hardly care less at the moment. We need to find Inifra.

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