Inifra is alive. She was knocked into the palace grounds, leaving her in bad shape but better off than Dionus or me. The palace was not empty, and she found herself instantly engaged in a fight with the guards. That fight led to another just outside the walls, where she was joined by a few dozen Nantese resistance fighters.

They drew her north into the city where Expressionist captives were being executed to prevent them from rescue. She found herself at the head of a growing fighting force that swept the northern reaches of the city clean over the course of yesterday. I am so thankful to find her alive.

The leaders of the Nantese did not fare so well. Nianatara is missing and Oroun is reported dead. It is rumored he was murdered by someone in his retinue before his body was thrown into the river. I asked after Fodafa and Salisir but have heard mixed reports. I’ve brought our small band to the palace grounds. It seems a central enough location and, after clearing it, a safe enough one as well. That said, we will remain encamped on the open grounds before the stairs.

The halls are broad and well-lit by natural sky lights and hidden mirrors. That is about as much good as has been retained. The walls are covered in a black tar that I fear has its base in blood. Every wall and column is marked with a Nine-Link Chain, Horned-Demon, or any other variety of Daedric symbol. I stopped exploring after discovering a third Slick. There are so many rooms dedicated to torture and sacrifice that I would burn the whole thing down if it were left to me to decide. I cannot fathom the amount of work Fodafa will have to put in if he wants to restore this place.

It stinks, far worse than the rest of the city. I can feel the Daedric presence lift even as I write these words, slowly, like corrupt air trapped in a stagnant room. What they accomplished here was terrible, but not nearly what it could have been. Why Gront’s death wasn’t enough I don’t know, but the Prince seemed convinced it should be. I’m grateful that he missed whatever it was that kept him from succeeding.

I have yet to enter the throne room and only partially because it seems inappropriate without Fodafa at hand. I don’t want to see what the Prince did with the inner reaches of this place.

Entry-372-Quote-alive the-palace-courtyard

The courtyard itself remains green, albeit surrounded by deep shades of black. There is one fountain at its center, clogged and overgrown. There are skulls hidden just beneath the filmy surface.

Hopefully our allies find us soon. I’ll feel safer in the midst of a crowd of friends. We have some few around us now, those that fought with Inifra through the north of the city. They check on her regularly, bring her offerings of food, and more than one have pledged themselves to Infiri. Still, I’d like to see more regular troops around, and soon.

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