Fodafa is dead. So are Oroun, Nianatara, and a distressingly large number of their top officials.

Salisir and Hembila finally joined us today, both of them lightly injured, and it was with them that the bad news was brought. Hembila immediately set to preparations for the ceremonies that must take place to mourn the dead, including his brother.

Fodafa’s body lay untouched for nearly a day. His lion sat next to his corpse, growling at any who approached, and slowly eating the body of the man that killed him. It took Hembila himself to approach the beast and pull it away long enough to take Fodafa’s remains for the pyre.

The battle for Matasten has turned into a massive cleaning effort. The mess was left in part by the fighting, and in part by a Daedric occupation that lasted well over a decade. There is enough rot in Matasten already; they can’t permit any other avenues by which disease might enter into the city.

Salisir sent messengers out to the three nations for aid, hoping that this rebuilding process will be the first among many geared towards reunification. There has been a flurry of activity as guards have been set around the palace to watch Hembila night and day. There seems to be little worry any longer over a conspiracy, many accounts coming in that the leaders who died did so on the field engaged with the enemy.

Still, there is something unsettling to their number being so thoroughly thinned.


Inifra has been able to draw an immense amount of water from the wells scattered around the palace grounds. She says that the reservoirs below are incredibly deep and has been able to wash away a lot of the tar-like substance that coats much of the palace. It’s a deep green underneath, like the entire structure was carved from jade.

Wauloo’s corpse was found on the palace grounds as well. I’m glad. Even though he saved us in the end, there would have been no rest for him on this side of the war. I’m grateful for how things resolved for Wudan as well – living with the monstrosity his brother was driven to will be easier knowing he died saving him. Even if Wauloo would have let the jungle burn and us with it.


Dionus and I have been put to work overseeing the palace security force for the time being. Who better to keep the place safe than an assassin who can’t help but see the holes in any defense?

Timber has attached herself to us when she’s not helping Inifra draw and direct the water. The sheer volume of it has already spread through the city’s gutters and, after they clear a number of blockages, I think this place will wash clean. I hope it does. Gods know they need no Daedric presence of any kind here, living or dead. The river will take it all. Who knows what it will do with the filth, and who cares?

Timber doesn’t speak much, but she sticks close to us as we move through the palace. The Klotian blade she carries has a new notch on it. There will be plenty to discuss someday, but for now we will let her keep her stories to herself.

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