Salisir, that bastard. I don’t know what to do now.

I saw his messenger, Golara, the snake from when we first met the Batsu. I don’t know how I missed it, but he had blue lining the nape of his neck. Just a scrape of it, deep like a stain. Then I remembered the blue stain lining the orange markings of the other Yatusu messenger. The shock of his silent movements, his ability to sneak up on the Batsu in the treetops.

I asked after the corpse of Fodafa’s killer immediately. They pointed me to where they had set it apart, destined for some extra dose of desecration for the crime of killing their king. There wasn’t much left of the man, but one of his arms was intact below the elbow. The same blue stain ran in faded loops on skin under strips of armor tied around his wrist.


Salisir’s messengers are Latala, the force that nearly killed us when we entered the Great Recess.

Who else among us is Latala? If they can so completely fool the Yatusu into believing they are one of their own, I can only imagine that they have infiltrated the Sondu and Batsu as well. I can’t help but fear the worst, that the leaders of these people were murdered by the Latala and thus, by extension, Salisir himself.

I have to confront him, but I fear it is a confrontation from which I will not walk away.

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