It strikes me now that we’ve done it. I was sitting here staring at this page for an hour without the faintest idea of what to write, then it hit me. We’ve unseated the Daedric Prince who would be Arbor King, and have destroyed his society in the process.

There are remnants left, I’m sure, pockets to hunt down and exterminate. But there is an overwhelming chance for peace to reign in the Nanten for the first time in a century. Salisir’s plan, cold and calculated as it was, has turned the lock in a mechanism of Nantese creation. He was right. They can rule themselves and bring about a unified peace. It just required the right push. How telling that we should be susceptible to our own vices, incapable even of that for which we are destined until someone enters our lives and gives us the right twist. Just the right push that launches us into our full potential.


How very human that we should need outsiders, that we are not self-sufficient. And human is what the Nantese are. We don’t see them as such back home, whether or not it’s something we’d ever say openly. They’re somehow less. Their fallen state indicative of inner flaws that prove their inferiority. We aren’t so far from such disaster ourselves.

The accomplishment of killing a Daedric Prince feels strangely hollow. It’s not disappointing, but I’m not as elated as I would have imagined. I ran my blade through the most powerful Daedric agent of our time and I feel no different for it. Tired, perhaps satisfied, but little else.

Hembila’s coronation is in two days, something for the people here to look forward to. They love him; the people of all three nations know him by reputation at the very least and, I believe, they are pleased that he should sit the Oaken Throne. After the time I spent with him, I approve as well. If there is a better man or woman for the job in all the Nanten, I have not met them.

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