Starlark punched Bolton square in the face this morning. There was a bit of blood, and a scuffle ensued until we could get the two of them apart. It took the better part of an hour to calm them both down.

We don’t have time for this nonsense. I think what set Starlark off were the words “Whelped of a highborn whore,” although everything that led up to that point certainly didn’t help matters. Gods, Bolton is going to be the death of us.

I don’t know what is eating at him now, but he takes it all out on Starlark. It doesn’t matter what I say to him, I can’t shut him up. I suppose Starlark has done that well enough for today, but I know it is far from the end of our problems.

We remain uncertain as to exactly where we are. I have decided to continue east but angle a little to the north. My reason for this is that Graylag lies at the headwaters of a tributary, which according to Bantish’s map runs directly north from the city itself.

If we go too far north we will come out on this river, and then can simply follow it upstream to our destination. It seems to make the most sense. The other benefit to these rivers is that, assuming we can find some sort of boat to carry us, we can make even faster time through the jungle.

Unfortunately, I think our change in direction only served to irk Starlark more.


Balthandar remains somewhat shaken from the encounter with that massive monster, what the KoraKora called “Bangara.” It has left him with a great puzzle: How do we kill it? Our blades barely left marks on its hide, and even though Dionus could cut it with the wind it seemed to recover quickly.

What if there are even bigger monsters in this jungle?


Dionus has regained his footing today. He still suffers a headache that flares up whenever he moves for too long. He has kept largely to himself, lost in thought.

I wonder if they are all regretting their decisions to follow me here.

For my part, dreams of the KoraKora are what haunt me now. Images of them eating that boy alive. I can’t get them out of my mind, no matter what I try. It leaves me wondering if perhaps we could have done something to help him. I had no idea what to expect until it had already happened.

I’ve seen such horrible things done to people. Carnage on a scale on which this doesn’t register. Why then does this incident haunt me so?

If we can just make it to Graylag we will be able to rest; we can start fresh. Then perhaps these memories will begin to fade.

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