Our ceremony last night was filled with surprises. Hembila found a number of small treasures that he had recast into chains that he bestowed upon each of us. They’re filled with the finest sapphires I think I have ever seen and linked with a gold that must be as pure. Each is worth a small fortune. He gave us ceremonial knives and the seeds of Martingue plants which he hopes will serve us for the rest of our lives.

I never knew how rare the seeds themselves were until I saw Timber’s eyes go wide at the sight of the tiny vials. She barely blinked at all the preceding gifts, but those vials captivated her. Salisir was named the protector of the realm, and the rest of us were called friends. There were a long list of other commanders who were drawn up for various honors after us, stories of valor recalled, and posthumous awards given for the fallen.

It was exhausting, but touching nonetheless.


Salisir approached me afterward just to say that we needed to talk. I haven’t seen him since. There was worry in his eyes, the twitch that I’ve come to recognize as a sign that something isn’t right. He won’t come close when Inifra is around, and she is with me now so perhaps that’s why I haven’t heard from him. Speaking of which, I have better things to do than write in my journal.

I only have a few pages left on which to write in any case – I’d better save them for later.

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