Inifra wants to go west but she also needs to leave a representative in Matasten. Perhaps ‘needs’ is the wrong word for it, but she would like to. There is a growing contingent of the faithful here who have begun construction on a shrine to Infiri on the western shore of the island. When they’re finished, the river will flow both directions around a statue of the goddess and a dais that will stretch out over the water for ceremonies.

The model they’ve sculpted looks suspiciously like Inifra. Personally I’m just fine with that.

What am I to do? She hasn’t said as much, but I get the impression that she’s waiting for me to make a decision. Will I stay here and help secure the fledgling Nanten Kingdom, or will I join her on a return trip west? Am I going to live out my days in the Nanten, or should I return home?

I’m inclined to stay here. The Old Empire has made up its mind about me; it’s time I made up my own about them.

It’s not even about where I’m most wanted or will be most effective. What tears at me now is my desire to be with Inifra and the knowledge that doing so will bring about her untimely end. It’s better that she goes west without me, that she’s too far to save my life by giving her own. It’s the only way I can imagine she doesn’t die for me if this curse is real.

And everything in me resists that dutiful conclusion with vigor.

I should stay here in Matasten. I’ll root out whatever Daedra remain and will train Hembila’s guard to do the same. Perhaps that can be my final legacy here. Maybe we can carve out a space where the Daedra have no room to thrive.


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