Inifra has decided to return to Hamada. She’s arranged for a contingent of her priestesses to meet her there. She will come back to Matasten in a year to commemorate the opening of a temple to Infiri that is being planned. Her duty is to all Infiri’s faithful, she said, and though it seems prudent to make a home in Matasten, she cannot leave them without her ministrations indefinitely.


I’m glad that she’ll be leaving for her sake, but the idea is tearing me apart. I don’t want to see her go. If she comes back, she’ll only be in danger again. That is, of course, assuming I remain in Matasten.


Salisir’s words stuck with me through the night. I barely slept. There has always been something amiss about all of this, but I still can’t rest my hand on what exactly is wrong. Could it be that my mother was corrupted along with these traitors in the Tetrarch? How far-reaching could such a plot truly be?

And is it even my duty any longer to try and unearth it?

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