Dionus believes we should go. He doesn’t want to stay in Matasten and I fear that if I don’t acquiesce, he may be tempted to leave me behind. Losing both Dionus and Inifra at once would be devastating.

Timber and I have resumed our daily exercises, now with Dionus joining us occasionally. She finally appears to be feeling better, more herself, though she still has moments of quiet pensiveness that appear tinged with sadness.


Salisir has taken his leave of the city. This morning he told Hembila that it was time to sweep the jungle. The Batsu treeborn have been set to that task, but Salisir said there are places they will not find and threats growing that they won’t uncover. He was already packed and left a few hours later. All he said to us before going was to keep our guard up.

“Keep those SwordSkills safe.” And then he left. It slipped my mind, but I forgot to remind him that he still owed me a few more lessons. That will haunt me if we don’t cross paths again soon.

Dionus kept his eyes on the old man until he was well out of sight. One last opportunity for vengeance, and then it was gone.

Entry-388-Salisir's-Secrets and exercises with Dionus

Hembila has asked us to stay. He wants us to liaise with his military as it reforms and help ensure that it is done equitably between the three nations. Homogeny is not his goal, he said, but peaceful compromise is.

“And in the end,” he said. “We all need to unify under one common culture. Even if we keep some little bits that made us who we were.”

More administrators arrive every day, men and women from different corners of the kingdom applying to take roles that desperately need filling. While I’m honored to be so wanted, I don’t think we will be needed for long. The treeborn have asked us to join them as well, to sweep the jungle clean of Daedric infection.

There are rumors of a powerful follower to the northwest, one who was able to escape with her own elite band of warriors. Perhaps we could help deal with her before making any large-scale decisions.

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