If we stay here, we will live out lives of limited usefulness. But that usefulness will help lay the foundations of a new kingdom, one that could rise again to prominence and bring stability to a region that has been in tumult for a hundred years. Having such an effect would be well worth the sacrifice.

But what if there truly are systemic threats to the Tetrarch? What if it goes deeper than that? If there are Deadric agents in motion at home, at even higher levels than Lystra’s betrothed, then the results could be devastating. Returning home means that I could be killed before I even cross into the Old Empire. If I manage to make a case and keep the blades at bay, I will still face a retrial to have my exile appealed.

It will be very public and very messy.

I don’t have any desire to watch my old friends and family paraded out against me in another farce of a trial. And I get the feeling that going to trial would put me right back in the hands of those who would kill me if they could. Perhaps after all this time, they won’t have such a difficult go of it.

All of this assuming that these conspirators, whoever they are, don’t send assassins for me in the night and end it all before I get a chance to do any good. That death seems even more pathetic. Marceles, the man too weak to bear the burden of his exile and too foolish to survive even the return trip home.


We have a place here in Matasten that we have carved for ourselves. There is peace, and we have few enemies if any left here.

Perhaps that is why I have an itch for something else.

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