Today we passed a massive molted snake skin hanging from one of the trees. Hanging. From the trees.

I don’t need to remind you, but to emphasize what I saw today: the trees here stand hundreds of feet high and there was a snake skin long enough to reach into their boughs. How can such things actually exist?

There were stories in the notes I collected on the Nanten about some of the beasts that are reported to live here. They said there were lots of snakes. They said there were big snakes. They never said anything about a snake that was hundreds of feet long.


At least we can expect that it is slow. Perhaps that is the only consolation to knowing that something like this lurks within the Nanten. I have to swallow my fear. There is no avoiding the danger we have plunged into, and worrying will not help any of us. Showing any such emotion to my companions would only do damage.


I would have expected to find Graylag or at least some clue of it by now. All that we discover is endless jungle.

Jungle, jungle, and more jungle. Gods I hate this place.

At least the Tetrarch should be pleased with themselves. They knew exactly what they were doing when they sent me here. I may as well have stepped into my own waking nightmare.

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