Graylag is vast, far larger than I imagined possible in this hellish jungle. We have hardly seen a village large enough to house a few dozen people. Graylag could be home to thousands.

It’s difficult to know with certainty how many are actually there as by night there was little movement. There were, however, a large number of torches and fires alight among the ruins through the night. Two buildings appear to stand relatively intact above the rest. The columns are thick, and decorated in a fashion unlike anything I’ve ever seen in the Old Empire.

Stone buildings are a surprise in themselves. The roofs appear to be made of wood, and though they are collapsed in sections, they seem in relatively good shape. Proof that once there were true craftsmen in the Nanten Kingdom. Large ruins scattered throughout suggest that these were not always alone, and in fact may not have always been the biggest buildings in Graylag.


There were loose watches set around the perimeter of the city, but nothing impenetrable. We had little trouble moving about as we pleased. If those on watch represent the larger force present in Graylag then they are certainly no form of disciplined army.

I suppose this should come as no surprise, as no disciplined army would ever raid and pillage their own people.

The majority of the defenses face away from the river, they seem to treat it as a defense in itself, so we will approach along its shores. We leave within the hour, and I hope to find Prestorn without delay or too much difficulty. I am sure this is too much to hope for, but I feel optimistic on this one front.

Still, I am anxious. We may have to fight, and while we will take our time to see what we can before we make our approach, we will have no true knowledge of what we face until we are already facing it. We could be walking into a trap, and there’s no knowing what kind of expressionists lie behind Graylag’s broken walls.


Dionus and I may not be the only ones who use magic here, and that worries me. What if they have Mentalists, and we wind up imprisoned without ever knowing we’ve been taken? What if they have something worse? Something I’ve never even heard of?

We will have to trust in our knowledge and ability to perceive the use of magic as it happens, but so far I have already failed to do just that with Tarsh and Bantish. I do not wish to err the same way with an enemy.

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