I feel worse over time as my headache grows and my throat dries out. There is a knot in my back, or two… it’s hard to be sure when I feel like I am beginning to cramp all over. The stiffness in my legs keeps me off balance as much as the pounding within my skull. Wine does not help.


Balthandar has all but forgotten the strife between Bolton and Starlark as he focuses his attention on my care. He watches me closely and keeps me drinking water all day. I have yet to relieve myself, however, and I fear I am horribly dehydrated.

I can barely sense those who seek us any longer, but Dionus has become deeply concerned. He says they are drawing closer to us with every passing hour. I wish I didn’t feel so ill, it leaves me vulnerable and useless to detecting any expressionists nearby.

But they are coming, that much is certain.

Gods, my head.

I can’t focus. Writing this is taking too much energy.

I will resume tomorrow. Senida, on the Akari Grasslands. We must get there.

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