The trees are so cumbersome. No. The trees are so tall, I am so… I feel so cumbersome. Gods, I can barely write. It takes so much




My pen wanders the page and… and I can’t see

I can’t see. My head pounds. It hurts.


Drink all I can. Sweat… sweating now… on the page, and I try but I can’t.

I want to, but I can’t.


There are so hot. I can’t breathe. Darkness is too.



Lystra… why did you have to be so brave? So foolish…


I can’t feel them… Dionus says they’re coming. They are near. They attacked earlier. We ran.


We will must rest. Such can’t exhaustion…

I can’t feel them.

I’m scared. So scared… alone.


Why Lystra? Gods… why?

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