I’m able to walk around the village a little on my own now. My mind has cleared completely and my aches are nearly gone, but the exhaustion lingers. Talita tells me what remains to be healed are the weary miles I have left behind me. She promises I will be well soon. My heart swells at the simple kindness.

These poor savages have been so kind to us, and all because we inadvertently saved some of their people. If only they knew how little we truly cared, although I think that Starlark has made that clear enough for himself. He doesn’t do much for fear of Inifra’s return, but he antagonizes the priestesses with small annoyances whenever the opportunity arises. He acts like a boy half his age.

I feel he does it to maintain some distance from them as their generosity has attempted to close the gap.  But I think it serves more to irritate Bolton.


If any of us are learning to love the Nantese, I find it the greatest irony in this entire jungle that it should be Slad Bolton. The man made his living raiding villages like this in the Great Wastes for the express purpose of capturing the inhabitants and selling them as slaves. Suddenly a man completely devoid of compassion for anyone except himself is injured on behalf of irritated Nantese priestesses.

Ultimately I think this is a good development, if only because it means that there may be something redeemable in Bolton, but I am not certain I fully approve. We aren’t here to help these people. As a Tetrarch I have never been called to aid the populace directly. My calling is above that.

The Tetrarch exists solely to prevent the ascension of Demons into our world, and to destroy them if and when they cross. To this end we seek out Daedric society wherever it sprouts. The worshipers of the ancient Relequim are certainly nefarious enough on their own to merit their extinction, but more importantly their activities pave the way for more Demons to enter our world.

We do not kill Daedra because they are murderers, or because their practices are vile and unholy. That would be like an engineer plugging holes in a dam because he is worried about getting water on his shoes. No, we kill Daedra to stem the tide of horror and destruction that stands waiting on the far side of the wall that separates our worlds.

If we do not succeed in that, then the world is doomed. The fate of one village, one nation even, pales in comparison to the fate of humanity.

Bolton was not raised to this calling as I was, and though I am glad to see that he does indeed harbor some love for humanity I cannot afford for that to cloud his judgment moving forward. It is a strength to overlook the small problems and suffering of the world in one’s focus on the greater picture. We are here to advance that cause, not save the Nantese from their own superstitions and poverty.

Dionus and Starlark understand this. Balthandar simply strives to serve me. All of them are healed enough to move except for me. I hope that I am ready soon, for if this Daedric prince truly does exist, and Salisir failed as miserably as I am sure he did, then his mission has become ours. To fail in it ourselves is to invite disaster on the entire world.

I hope that they are nothing but rumors. I hope that Salisir died out here for nothing. Then we can return in peace to a world that is at least a little further from its doom than it would otherwise be.

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