Bolton’s state deteriorated steadily until this morning. His recovery has made a visible swing for the better, but I remain uncertain if it will be enough. We cannot wait here for long. We must assume the KoraKora continue to hunt us, and every day we remain motionless is another day between us that no longer exists.

Dionus believes we are presently safe, as we have felt no touch of expressionists searching for us. I am not so sure. They may have learned from our previous encounter, and I would rather over-estimate my enemy than assume him capable of the same fault twice.

Kantoo’s salve stinks like a latrine, but it has kept Bolton’s shoulder from getting infected. We are so far from any form of modern healing that such remedies are all we have. Though it cannot compare to the touch of a Sympathetic Healer, I dare say it may be better than the salves of home.


Bolton’s desire for Kantoo to join us has become a conundrum. If the boy had not come along, Bolton would never have been bitten helping him gather roots. But if Kantoo had not been present there is a good chance Bolton would have died from the bite. There’s a better chance he would have been bitten repeatedly had Kantoo not killed the snake immediately.

The boy is a mystery to me. He’s so intelligent, quick both in wit and body. He seems so unencumbered by the weight of the world, yet can be deathly serious when the occasion calls for it. I wish we would have found him sooner, and I am grateful for his guidance now.

We are all in agreement, even Bolton: we must move tomorrow no matter what. I cannot imagine how he will be able to, but we must continue on. There is no such thing as safety in the Nanten, but motion seems to provide a greater sense of it than does stillness.

Let us hope that we do not regret our decision.

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