The grass continues to grow higher every day we press into the Akari Grasslands. The stalks are a yellowed green, and increasingly they make it difficult to see the stone path before us. Ironically, our worst obstacle has become the large obsidian monoliths upon which we camp.

Their frequency has increased, which would be a blessing if only we wanted to stop earlier for the night. We do not. If we reach one of them in the middle of the day we are forced either to wait until dusk for them to cool, or to go around them. If we must go around them, which indeed we must in order to keep from wasting significant amounts of time, then we draw those massive man-eating worms to the surface.

Then there are the damned hawks that dive at us when we least expect it. Twice today I was knocked from the stone path by the infernal beasts only to draw yet more unwanted attention from underground. Rediscovering the stone path in the midst of the ensuing chaos only becomes a greater challenge. It remains a miracle to me that we are alive.

The grass grew so tall today that we could barely see over it at all. From where I write, now, it appears to only rise higher in the distance. Our pace may indeed slow to match the new distribution of obsidian as we will soon be forced to hack our way through the grass to stay on the path. Perhaps that explains their increasing frequency.

I can only imagine how many lives it cost to build this precarious highway upon which we tread.

One clear benefit to our change of scenery, however, is that there are no godsdamned leeches in the grass.


How did we end up in this place? When Lystra stood between me and her lover, she thought she was saving him from murder. She thought I was jealous. She should have known better. On so many levels, she should have known better.

You should know by now that he was working his way into her father’s council. That was why he was in Sterling in the first place. He was connected to a Daedric sect we had been unable to root out for years. We still haven’t rooted it out. He was our one clue, and he made himself unusable when he decided to assassinate Lystra’s father.

We couldn’t allow that to happen. I couldn’t allow it. Rarely will the Tetrarch interfere in such activity if it means we lose our route to the source of a sect. But allowing the King’s Sword to be assassinated would be too much, even for the Tetrarch.

I suppose I could have chosen my timing better, but I didn’t realize that Lystra was there visiting him. I also should not have gone it alone. There were no witnesses. Another reason to stick with one’s pack.

I walked straight into his home. No one tried to stop me. Who would? A Tetrarch in full armor is not someone to question. The door was unlocked. I found him in his drawing room. He knew instantly why I was there. The little bastard tried to attack me with an actual Daedric knife.

That got my blood up – I was so angry.

Lystra put herself between us then, when he was on his back and my rage had peaked. I didn’t even see her, if I’m being honest. I remember her screaming for me to stop, mumbling some rubbish about how we could never be. None of that mattered. All I saw was a sympathizer, so I cut through her to get to him. I cut through the daughter of the King’s Sword, the highest ranking military official in the world, to kill one pathetic Daedric assassin.



In retrospect I truly was the fool.

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