Between the high grasses and the cuts that are healing all over our bodies, we did not make progress with much speed today. I now understand why these obsidian blocks are increasingly close to one another along the stone path. This journey only gets more difficult as we press on. I barely had any energy to write tonight, but I figured that I must at least put something down.

Who made this road? And why didn’t they develop it into something more passable? They went through an absurd amount of trouble just to make it. Why not make it right?

Quote-Entry-92 obsidian

I really want to know how they moved these massive chunks of obsidian. Few if any Breakers could have moved this much of it, though it makes sense that a stone expressionist would build a stone path.

Still, it would take a true master if not a Pure to work with stone as hard as this. Even if there were carts in the world sturdy enough to carry these, they would never have survived the trip through the grasslands. Perhaps there was a Telekinetic involved?

That raises the same problem though. There are few Telekinetics in the world who could lift this much weight. If I were to venture a guess, however, it seems more likely that a group of them could move these blocks than any number of Breakers together.

Breakers… the chief of the KoraKora had a Breaker with him when he first caught up to us by the river. Dionus claimed that Inifra killed him. While I hope that’s true, there are worse expressionists that could be after us. As long as they don’t belong to Shatterism, most Breakers are harmless. They’ve achieved some of the world’s greatest feats in architecture, after all.

I find it hard to fear them, unlike the Akari Grasslands – it is with no difficulty that I find it to be among the most threatening places in the world. By day the sun scorches us, and the ground threatens us continually with massive man-eating monsters that burrow up from underneath. Between those two there are the hawks, which present more of a persistent annoyance than any real threat.

I think I’ve cracked that mystery, however. We saw a few of the hawks eating what appeared to be massive droppings not far from our camp this morning. My guess is that they attack us from a desire to see us eaten so that, in turn, they will get their chance to eat us as well. Does everything in this accursed territory see us as a meal?

Then at night there are those spindly wraiths. Until my encounter last night there had been no indication that they even existed. I don’t know what to make of that, but I will never set foot on the ground of the Akari Grasslands at night again. I doubt I will even sleep tonight, the images of their horned faces have been burned too brilliantly in the darkness. And then there was the one that got up on the obsidian with us…

What prevents them from doing that again?

Balthandar and I will sleep sitting back to back in the center of our stone camp, if we sleep at all.

Where is Dionus? We need him so badly now. Is he alive? Is Starlark?

So many questions, and no way for me to find the answers. We need to get to Senida, and as quickly as possible. How long can we possibly survive like this?

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