We have stumbled upon a quandary in the form of a quarry.

A broad river crosses the Akari Grasslands ahead of us, and at its edge our path disappears. It is a shallow river, and it runs red.

The edges and shallowest of places appear orange in the light of dusk, but the deeper pools look like blood to me. Thus my assumption that a quarry must be upstream, or perhaps it is simply that the ground here runs rife with iron. Either way, I truly hope it is not what it appears to be.

It would not surprise me to find a blood river in this hell.

Quote-Entry-93 blood

The debate that passes between Balthandar and myself now is whether to risk crossing it or not. We don’t know what lies within, and there appear no obvious stones upon which to make our crossing. Will the burrowing monsters attack us from under the water? What new horror lives in the water itself?

Godsdamned leeches I’m sure. If there’s one thing I could avoid for the rest of my life it would be leeches.

But here we stand, on this outcropping of obsidian that barely breaches the tall grasses around it, staring at a half-mile stretch that looks like a fresh battlefield. There is no river on either map in our possession, thus we have no clue to our whereabouts in relation to it. Whether it is a known entity or not, it now stands in our way. We will make our decision by first light, but I don’t see what option we have except to cross.

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