The City of Golden Waves, Prestorn called it. Now I understand why.

We must be drawing near Senida. The Akari Grasslands have undergone another dramatic change as we have continued pressing southeast. The grass is waist high, and as golden as wheat ready for the harvest. Even moreso, it sparkles in the sun like nothing I have ever seen any plant do before.

Under some unknown impulse Balthandar broke of a stalk and began chewing on it. The smile that spread across his face generated all the impulse I needed to follow suit. The grass is like sugar cane. It was almost too sweet to the taste.

Quote-Entry-98 fields

I haven’t had sugar in months.

Needless to say, the fields took on a magic quality to us as we continued walking. We could not help but laugh.

There are no Mortuga in these fields. No holes containing rodents that bite. No hawks that dive nor wraiths that slash. There is simply the blue sky above and a sweet sea of gold below.

Perhaps it is the sugar coursing through my veins, but I feel perfectly happy tonight in a way that I have not felt for some time.

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