Senida is a waste. There is nothing here…

Gods, what have we done? There are no people. The city itself stands mostly untouched. Unlike Graylag, Senida is a shell more than a ruin. The buildings are intact, finely crafted of a white stone so milky pure it could be ivory.

But there is no one here.

Did Prestorn know that when he sent us here? Did Kantoo? We have spent the entire day searching from building to building for any sign of life. There is none.

Quote-Entry-99 senida

While many homes still contain utensils, furniture, and even the remnants of food long-spoiled, there is no indication that this place has been inhabited in – well – in years.

We still do not trust the land, nor accept that there may be no threat to Senida. How can we? We don’t know what happened to the people who certainly must have lived here.

We have made a camp for ourselves on the open roof of one of the taller buildings. There are still trees growing up here that were planted along the roof’s edge and at its center. We dragged some old mats up here to make beds under the terraces, and are enjoying our first bit of shade in almost two weeks. There was a well nearby from which we drank until we felt sick.

We will take turns keeping watch tonight until we know this place to be as safe as it feels. We have barricaded the trap door to the roof and will continue our search of the city tomorrow.

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