Funded with Kickstarter

Funded with Kickstarter

Our Kickstarter campaign left us with a lot of people to thank. This is the Nantese Wall of Gratitude – think of it as the producers’ section of our film credits. The gilded section in our “Who’s Who.” The section marked “exceptional” in our encyclopedia of greatness. We’re grateful for every reader, and doubly so for every reader-turned-backer.

Did you miss out on the Kickstarter? Want to support the project anyways? There will be opportunities soon so keep an eye out.

Thanks to 111 generous adventurers, Into the Nanten: Fall of the Arbor King was fully funded on April 9, 2015. Together they raised $7,081 towards the artwork and expenses surrounding the production of Into the Nanten – and we are eternally grateful. Here are their names, preserved for eternity in the undying pixel.

Thank you, Backers!

You’ve kept Marceles alive for another season, despite my best efforts to undo him.

Kickstarter companion

Our highest-level backers, each of these three provided a massive push towards the finish line.


 Matt Rogers (9)

 Jim Hardison (57)


Jessica Co (58)



In exchange for a unique character print, they moved the water under Marceles’ canoe just a little faster.


 Brian Baugh (22)


 Barry Geraghty (62)


 Joe Tromsness (76)



They’re just as cool and twice as bad (but none as cannibalistic).

Rob Culp (1)



Joel Gregorio (39)

Rod Sullivan (11)



Caleb Stanton (71)

Michael & Yesenia Swecker (25)

Manuel Beltran (89)


Just like their namesake, they gave Marceles the tools he needs to survive.

Wayne Fang (3)

Jack Shao (34)

Michael Green (46)

Kenya Dannielle Lutts (64)

Jeremy Atkins (75)

Bruce Powell (90)

Brandon Metcalf (106)

Zachary Oldenkamp (12)

Nick Murto (36)

Jacob Thompson (47)

Ethan Fink (70)

Enrique Arévalo Aristegui (78)

Nolan Stamm (92)

Andrew Rogers (19)

Lisa M DeMarco (37)

Benjamin Tillmann (48)

Stephanie Siemiller (72)

Kieran Cressy (83)

Kristi Hart (87)

Melissa Stoddard (33)

Bill Kraut (44)

Leeland Artra (49)

Jonathan Stanton (73)

Kay Walker (84)

Miles Tsang (103)


They mess with minds by the power of their fancy new shirts.

Dan McMaster (13)

Erik Rammelsberg (30)

Joseph Longworth (68)


Following Marceles only gets more interesting the better you understand his methods.

Branden Harvey (4)

Ness Lee (88)

Mark Shrime (14)

Jeremy Collinsworth (91)

Tammia (80)

Victor Chan (96)

Erica Williams (81)

Kalie Stanton (102)

Kickstarter skektchbook

Supporting most artists keeps them eating. Supporting an artist like Marceles keeps him from getting eaten.

James Provost (15)

Becky Hanna (24)

Kyle Siemens (35)

Lewis M Cutter III (52)

John Phua (79)

Beth Murphy (18)

Jeff Beltran (27)

Mathew Spence (38)

Robin Pack (59)

Charlotte Payne (82)

Zach Sims (20)

Melissa Chung (28)

Songgu Kwon (41)

Kelsey Shelton (67)

Sarah McArthur (86)

Brandy Butler (21)

Martin-Andre Young (29)

Jen Hodge (42)

Nimit Malavia (77)

Brian Anderson (105)

Kickstarter bromnom

You know if you catch one you’re lucky (mostly just to be alive).

Hope Nicholson (17)

Eric Alan Solo (50)

Sara Macanovic (69)

Ian Chung (98)

Jeremiah Reinmiller (110)

Chad Covino (26)

Andreas Gustafsson (54)

Kerri Mandelker (74)

Danielle Doornink (104)

Adam Fried-Gintis (43)

Cato Vandrare (55)

Nicholas Kilburg (93)

Vicki Hsu (108)

SA Anders (45)

Mark Teppo (63)

Arne Radtke (97)

Donald Ferris (109)

Kickstarter bangara

Sneaky and ready to pounce at all times – generally afraid of fire

Ethan Schwebel (23)

Mark Sroczynski (65)

Aidan Parker (111)

Seth Gossler (32)

Dianne Simmons (66)

David Horne (40)

Jacob Bouvet (94)

Nathan Dowd (60)

Ryne Tate (107)


Crafty and quick, just takes one bite.

Kaarin Swanson (2)

Brand Adams (56)

Sasha Jones (99)

Jennifer Sanchez (100)


Kickstarter honorable

These people gave anywhere from $1-100 and asked for nothing in return. Many said they’d been dying just to give something back. They may not have chosen to join the ranks of their peers above, but we remain deeply indebted to them all the same.


Maggie Schrenk (5)

Brigitte D Linz (8)

Cami Jane Bradley (31)

Andrew Dedman (85)

Alex Petrovic (6)

Nils Swanson (10)

Dwight Fidler (51)

Sean Fulton (95)

Megan Spence (7)

Nicole Rodos (16)

Caroline Cassino (61)

Ryan Young (101)